What is MindQube?

The best business software to manage from the cloud

MindQube is a platform of business applications in the cloud that allows to completely automate all the processes of your company, in a flexible and modular way, allowing you to maximize the efficiency and management of your business.

Our NoCode Cloud platform drastically reduces the time, complexity and cost of digitizing any business process.

MindQube delivers you the necessary information to perform a deeper analysis and indicators from your business, improving decision making with real-time data, easy to analyze, customize and share.

MindQube puts an end to hard integrations, avoiding the complexity of traditional infrastructure and the high costs of hardware and software.

MindQube is easy to use and geared towards your business

All MindQube applications offer standard and advanced features such as:

Scorecards and Graphics

Flexible, editable and unlimited reports

Workflows and Business Logics management

Audit logs and alerts

100% web-mobile access

Compatible with all the Operating Systems and browsers

With MindQube you only need:

A browser and an Internet connected device: PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, Smart-TV, etc