Success Stories

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Yobel SCM

As Yobel Corporation, we're very pleased with MindQube No-Code platform. At this time Yobel Commercial explotes MindQube's CRM module in order to register and monitor sales opportunities according to their evolution. These MindQube workflows provide information in real time about what potential customers could produce business opportunities with excellent success rates.

Complementing our business process, MindQube has integrated Yobel´s BI platform, being the main goal that we can make decisions now based on REAL info. As a result of a quick and successful deployment, since 2013 we decided to use MindQube CRM as a corporate standard for all of our branches in 10 different countries in Latin America.

Just to say, Yobel is always looking for advanced technology (to empower our business lines) aligned to a fair cost, and it´s clear... MindQube has it.

Jaime Eduardo Diaz Izquierdo
Área Tecnología de Información - UN Servicio

DB Schenker

MindQube has been the only product that proved to be totally flexible to adopt our business process at an unbeatable price / performance ratio while meeting our corporate level standards.

Ivor Chauca,  IT Manager (2012)