Executive Team

We understand our customers problems so we are committed to provide the best of us in terms of solutions, services and support for your business success.

Jaime Mena

Jaime always looked for constant learning, making a difference and innovating for what people need and not for what a product offers. He thanks God for having achieved this as a corporate executive (from self-starter CM at Cisco Systems to digital transformer of a municipality) and an inveterate entrepreneur (from teenage gardener to co-founder of MindQube). It's been +30 years of experiences and achievements balancing work and family successfully.

Carlo Mazzini

Carlo started programming at age of 12 and his experience and ability led him to work internationally close to SW companies such as Oracle and Salesforce, both technically and in project management systems development, SQL database management, design and web development and cloud computing. As a professional goal Carlo always seeks to build better technological tools to improve and transform people's lives.

Eliana Arbulú

Eliana today can say that she has fun working, loves the relationship with her clients and is convinced that companies can manage their businesses with high level software, fully accessible and adaptable, all thanks to her 24 years of experience in Portfolio Management , Commercial and SCM in Multinationals like Yobel SCM and 6 years in national companies. In MindQube she also enjoys being a mother in balance with her job.