The friendliest and fastest-to-deploy cloud business management solution

Low Cost

MindQube provides access to state-of-the-art technology that was only accessible to large companies at high costs, at the right price for small and medium enterprises and startups.

Accurate real time information

Not all businesses are the same. Your competitiveness is the product of your knowhow, your applied processes and the metrics used to control and analyze the data and make decisions from it.
MindQube comes with customized panels for each business and with the tools to assemble and visualize dashboards and reports in real time.

The world is your office

Why limit yourself to an office? With MindQube you can work from anywhere in the world, with Internet access, and without the need for any additional expenses nor depend on complex configurations nor expert programmers.

Mobile Users

Facilitating the job for field workers, especially from sales and support areas, increases their efficiency and productivity while reducing time and operational costs.
With MindQube mobility is available to everyone. A salesperson can review a customer's history, check for available inventory, quote and report their activities from a smartphone or tablet without having to depend on a physical location. A technician can receive alerts of a new job and have all the client information, facilitating his/her work and increasing customer satisfaction.

Multiple Branches

With MindQube, you just need a browser and an Internet access to get all your branches, local/regional offices and/or warehouses or even your dealers connected to your business management platform and sharing their results and resources from anywhere around the world.

Instant Documents

MindQube issue high-quality professional documents in PDF format (quotations, invoices, letters, contracts, etc), instantly from the web platform with no additional costs or apps.

Better Communication

A management system is not only better quality of information: It is also better communication between people. MindQube streamline the information to flow naturally between different users or areas improving customer journey and user experience.

MindQube includes a workflow management module and a business logic builder, which allow approvals, alerts, and all type of workflows to flow among team members automatically while keeping records for future reference.

Track important events and Visibility

Collection dates, tax payments, visits to clients, deadlines, calls, commitments, or any significant date can be scheduled within the alert system.
MindQube provides the systems of alerts and visual aids so as not to lose visibility of the daily tasks that are crucial for every business.

Be Environmental Responsible

Less use of paper is not only reflected in a better organization of data and savings in printing and supplies, it also means to care for the environment and being socially responsible.

Easy Integration with Legacy Systems

MindQube also provides an easy-for-developers interface (API) to quickly build connectors to integrate third party applications into the same workflow.