About MindQube

We love technology. We build technology.
We breath technology.

We believe that better technology produces better quality of life. And we want to be part of that transformation. Everyone at MindQube has dedicated most of our lives to the technology business. More than 30 years of professional experience of our team, first as users and then as developers, allows us to offer solid solutions, easy to implement and offering excellent results for all types of companies and users.

Our mision is to offer the technology that allows us to materialize the vision of our clients

9 years

Customers in 10 countries

We believe that technology should be at the service of the people and not the other way around

That's our starting point: Making business applications easier for everyone. Make them more accessible, dynamic and cheap. Make them react to changes in our business. Make them more human.

We believe that our product solves these problems

We have spent several years analyzing why it takes so long to develop an application. We have analyzed it from inside and outside, since we are developers. We designed an ideal scenario, in which we could react quickly to the requirements of our clients. And from there, we measured the customer's reaction, as well as their level of satisfaction, which was much higher than that in cases of products developed in the traditional way. We saw that it was a good method, and we decided it was time to make others use this technology.

This is what we can do for you

If you feel identified with what we say, then MindQube is the ideal environment for your business. We believe that we can help your company. We believe that we can make things easier for your team.